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🎙️ ₿antu ₿itcoin Podcast

A local language ₿itcoin-only education podcast 🎙️ based in rural Zambia 🇿🇲, by 🇺🇸 @5atoshiNakamoto, in partnership with Anita Posch of Bitcoin for Fairness, hosted free on BTCpodcasting.com.

[Bemba] Feed

Ukusambilila pafya bitcoin mundimi ishapusana. To learn about bitcoin in different languages.
(English translation follows each episode)
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[English] Feed

(Different content, more interviews and behind-the-scenes from my experience here in rural Zambia)
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  • YouTube: @BantuBitcoin
  • Twitter: @BantuBitcoin
  • ✉️ Email: BantuBitcoin@protonmail.com
  • 🔏 PGP Public Key: 18F2 2A92 488C D1BD E241 1490 D514 43B7 90D3 DDAF
  • Donate: BantuBitcoin@getAlby.com

  • **Donations directly help orange-pill rural Zambians.
    Check out my media feed for videos. The people thank you.**

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    If the simple math equation below no longer equals 21 or otherwise disappears, something has happened which I cannot legally disclose. It would behoove you to exercise caution in your interactions with the show.

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