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A local language ₿itcoin-only education podcast 🎙️ based in rural Zambia 🇿🇲, by 🇺🇸 @5atoshiNakamoto, in partnership with Anita Posch of Bitcoin for Fairness, hosted free on BTCpodcasting.com.

[Bemba] Feed

Ukusambilila pafya bitcoin mundimi ishapusana.
To learn about bitcoin in different languages. (English translation follows each episode)
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📖 Ulusendilo Glossary

Pano palibe mabonzo na maneno a kuwerengwa mwa Bemba:
Here are a few key phrases and terms translated into Bemba:

"Bitcoin": "Bitcoin"
"Blockchain": "Blokishani"
"Cryptocurrency": "Cryptocurrency"
"Digital Wallet": "Kalobo ka Dijitari"
"Mining": "Kukusungila"
"Transaction": "Kusukulu"
"Decentralized": "Kutambusha Pa Lokishani"
"Peer-to-Peer": "Kuchokelwa Kuchokelwa"
"Private Key": "Ichikeya Chachisungu"
"Public Key": "Ichikeya Chakulandila"

More to study:
Bitcoin Whitepaper: "Whitepaper wa Bitcoin"
Whitepaper wamene watumiza amwenye Satoshi Nakamoto pa Bitcoin ino, uno wawelengesha kuleta umulandu waziba wa Bitcoin.
The original Bitcoin whitepaper by Satoshi Nakamoto can be translated into Bemba, which would provide a foundational understanding of Bitcoin.

Bitcoin Basics: "Ukulandila pa Bitcoin"
Imisebo ya pa kuleta umulandu wapa Bitcoin, umo italika, no umunyama wakwe.
Educational content explaining the basics of Bitcoin, how it works, and its history.

Wallet Guides: "Imisebo yaku Kalobo ka Bitcoin"
Imisebo yoyera umunyama wa kuweka, no ukuleta kalobo ka bitcoin mwa usungu no muuloli.
Materials explaining how to set up and use bitcoin wallets safely and securely.

Blockchain Technology: "Ndalama ya Block"
Imisebo ino yoyera ku ndalama ya Block, umubili wakwe, no umutulo wakwa ku mizinda.
Information about blockchain technology, its applications, and its impact on various industries.

Bitcoin Security: "Insoselo ya Bitcoin"
Imisebo yoyera ku kuyenda kwa insoselo pa Bitcoin.
Materials discussing best practices for securing your bitcoin holdings and transactions.

Bitcoin Mining: "Kuwala Bitcoin"
Imisebo yoyera ku kuwala Bitcoin, no iweze.
Information on how Bitcoin mining works and how individuals can get involved.

Bitcoin Exchanges: "Kuwalitsa Ku Bitcoin"
Imisebo yakuleta yoyera ku kuwalitsa ku Bitcoin pa ukuleta ku Bitcoin.
Guides on how to use Bitcoin exchanges to buy Bitcoin.

Peer-to-Peer Exchange: "Kuchokelwa Kuchokelwa"
Imisebo pa ukuleta no ukusendula Bitcoin kuchokelwa kuchokelwa.
Guide on how to buy and sell Bitcoin peer-to-peer.

Cryptocurrency Regulation: "Imisebo ya Ukwilala wa Cryptocurrency"
Imisebo yoyera ku ukwilala wa Cryptocurrency mu mizinda iya kuleta umulandu.
Materials explaining the regulatory landscape for cryptocurrencies in various countries.

[English] Feed

(Different content, more interviews and behind-the-scenes from my experience here in rural Zambia)
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    Happy to chat about ₿itcoin adoption in rural Zambia, developments seen since 2014, we progressive left in ₿itcoin, a ₿itcoin Giving Pledge, public service, podcasting, audiobooks, nomadic travel/vanlife, cybersecurity and pseudonyms, or possibly anything if you sign and encrypt with PGP.

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